Local installation

Local installation#

This is a brief explanation of how to compile and install the required dependencies and ASPECT itself. This installation procedure guarantees fastest runtimes, and largest flexibility, but usually requires more work than the options mentioned in the previous sections. While it is possible to install ASPECT’s dependencies in particular p4est, Trilinos, and deal.II manually, we recommend to use the candi software (see dealii/candi). candi was written as an installation program for deal.II, and includes a number of system specific instructions that will be listed when starting the program. It can be flexibly configured to allow for non-default compilers or libraries (e.g. Intel’s MKL instead of LAPACK) by changing entries in the configuration file candi.cfg, or by providing platform specific installation files.

In case you encounter problems during the installation, please consult our wiki (geodynamics/aspect) for frequently asked questions and special instructions for MacOS users, before posting your questions on the forum (https://community.geodynamics.org/c/aspect).