Setups for teaching

Setups for teaching#

Because ASPECT is freely available, has an extensive documentation and can be applied to a variety of problems in geophysics, it can be a useful tool for teaching geophysics in general or geodynamic modeling in particular. In the following section, we will present a number of cookbooks that can be used for this purpose. Many of them are modifications of existing cookbooks, but have been changed to run faster to be more suitable for running them in the classroom, or they include additional ideas for what parameters can be changed to learn more about the physical behavior that controls the model results.

Introduction to Geophysics#

This section was contributed by Juliane Dannberg, based on the course “Introduction to Geophysics” at University of Florida.

The course is designed to teach general concepts of geophysics, and it includes the following cookbooks:

  1. Running a geodynamic model (using the files in cookbooks/convection-box-particles)

  2. Convective and conductive heat flow: Cooling of oceanic lithosphere (using the files in cookbooks/heat_flow)

  3. Onset of convection(using the files in cookbooks/onset_of_convection)

  4. Magnetic lineations on the sea floor (using the files in cookbooks/magnetic_stripes)