Compressibility formulation benchmarks

Compressibility formulation benchmarks#

This directory contains the benchmark cases for different compressibility approximations discussed in:

Gassmöller, R., Dannberg, J., Bangerth, W., Heister, T., & Myhill, R. (2020). On formulations of compressible mantle convection. Geophysical Journal International, 221(2), 1264-1280.

All benchmarks require the additional ASPECT plugins that lie in the folder ‘plugins’ and need to be compiled into a shared library before running the benchmark (see Running benchmarks that require code). The individual benchmarks live in separate directories that each contain a shell script which runs the benchmark for different approximations and resolutions. The run script in the top level directory executes all benchmarks in turn. The figures directory contains scripts for gnuplot that will organize the results into convergence plots (no need to copy files around). The resulting plots can be directly compared against the figures in the publication.