The rigid shear benchmark

The rigid shear benchmark#

This section was contributed by R. Gassmoeller.

This directory contains the “Rigid shear” benchmark for which a known solution is available. The necessary code lives in the plugin/ subdirectory, while instantaneous, steady-state and transient versions of the benchmark are in the corresponding subdirectories. Each directory has a “run_all_models” shell script that will run the benchmark setups and a “” script that formats the output into readable text files. For a more detailed description of the benchmark see Gassmöller et al. [2019], “Evaluating the Accuracy of Hybrid Finite Element/Particle-In-Cell Methods for Modeling Incompressible Stokes Flow”.

Additionally, the “transient” directory contains an extension of the benchmark to time-dependent flow. The benchmark and its results are described in Gassmöller et al. [2023], “Benchmarking the accuracy of higher order particle methods in geodynamic models of transient flow”, see there for a more detailed description.