Time dependent annulus benchmark

Time dependent annulus benchmark#

This folder contains input files for the time dependent annular flow benchmark from Section 5 of Gassmöller et al. [2019].

It features a spherical annulus with a circular flow and a time-independent analytical, but a time-dependent numerical solution, which allows to quantify how errors in the advection equation influence the accuracy of the Stokes equation. In this example the benchmark uses particles to carry density, but it can be used for other advection methods as well.

The complete input file can be found in time_dependent_annulus.prm. All other input files are generated by the ‘run_all_models’ script to run cases with different finite elements and numbers of particles per cell. All models can be started by

  bash run_all_models

to run a model with a specific set of setting you can modify the loops inside of this script to only generate models you are interested in.

The bash script get_statistics can extract the relevant statistics (velocity error, pressure error, density error) of one or several model runs and copy it to the screen output and a separate file (annulus.txt) It takes one or several paths to a number of statistics files as input parameters, for example:

bash get_statistics Q2_Pfalse_refinement3_5

(assuming Q2_Pfalse_refinement3_5 is an output directory of the model runs).