Finding answers to more questions

Finding answers to more questions#

If you have questions that go beyond this manual, there are a number of resources:

  • For questions on the source code of ASPECT, portability, installation, new or existing features, etc., use the ASPECT forum at This forum is where the ASPECT developers all hang out. Archived discussions from the archived aspect-devel mailing list can be downloaded at

  • ASPECT is primarily based on the deal.II library (the dependency on Trilinos and p4est is primarily through deal.II, and not directly visible in the ASPECT source code). If you have particular questions about deal.II, contact the mailing lists described at

  • In case of more general questions about mantle convection, you can ask on the CIG mantle convection forum at

  • If you have specific questions about ASPECT that are not suitable for public and archived forums, you can contact the primary developers:

    • Wolfgang Bangerth:,

    • Juliane Dannberg:,

    • Menno Fraters:,

    • Rene Gassmöller:,

    • Anne Glerum:,

    • Timo Heister:,

    • Bob Myhill:,

    • John Naliboff: