Building the documentation

Building the documentation#

If you intend to modify ASPECT for your own experiments, you may want to also generate documentation about the source code and the user manual. This step is optional and not necessary if you do not intend to modify the source code or contribute to the project. The source code documentation can be build using the command

  cd doc; make aspect.tag

which assumes that you have the doxygen documentation generation tool installed. Most Linux distributions have packages for doxygen. The result will be the file doc/doxygen/index.html that is the starting point for exploring the documentation. You can see an online version of the documentation at

The user manual is created using the Sphinx documentation system and can be built using the command

  cd doc/sphinx; make html

This will create the file doc/sphinx/_build/html/index.html that is the starting point for exploring the user manual. The Sphinx documentation system requires Python and a number of packages that are documented in the file environment.yml. You can create a Python environment with all required packages using the command

  conda env create -f doc/sphinx/environment.yml

which assumes that you have the Anaconda python installer available.