Visco(elastic)-plastic shear bands after Gerya (2019)

Visco(elastic)-plastic shear bands after Gerya (2019)#

The files in this directory reproduce or analyze the results of a benchmark for the shortening visco(elastic)-plastic block in the absence of gravity.

The benchmark is a modified version of Exercise 13.2 from Introduction to Numerical Geodynamic Modeling (Taras Gerya, 2019, doi:

Detailed file description:

  • gerya_2019_vp.prm: Parameter file for the visco-plastic version of the shortening benchmark.

  • gerya_2019_vep.prm: Parameter file that is derived from gera_2019_vep.prm and modifies the rheological model to include viscoelasticity (i.e., viscoelastic-plastic rheology).

  • Python script that loads in solution data and compares strain rate profiles.