Developing ASPECT within a container

Developing ASPECT within a container#

The workflow described previously does not include advice on how to modify ASPECT inside the container. We recommend a slightly different workflow for advanced users that want to modify parts of ASPECT. The ASPECT docker container itself is built on top of a deal.II container that contains all dependencies for compiling ASPECT. Therefore it is possible to run the deal.II container, mount an ASPECT source directory from your host system and compile it inside of the container. An example workflow could look as follows (assuming you navigated in a terminal into the modified ASPECT source folder):

docker pull geodynamics/aspect:latest
docker run -it -v "$(pwd):/home/dealii/aspect:ro" geodynamics/aspect:latest

Inside of the container you now find a read-only ASPECT directory that contains your modified source code. You can compile and run a model inside the container, e.g. in the following way:

mkdir aspect-build
cd aspect-build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug $HOME/aspect
make -j4
./aspect $HOME/aspect/cookbooks/shell_simple_2d/shell_simple_2d.prm

To avoid repeated recompilations of the ASPECT source folder we recommend to reuse the so prepared container instead of starting new containers based on the deal.II image. This can be achieved by the following commands outside of the container:

docker ps -a # Find the name of the running / recently closed container in the output
docker restart CONTAINER_NAME
docker attach CONTAINER_NAME

For more information on the differences between using images and containers, and how to attach additional terminals to a running container, we refer to the docker documentation (e.g.