Installing parameter-GUI

Installing parameter-GUI#

The deal.II parameter-GUI program can be downloaded at dealii/parameter_gui, and is compiled using the cmake program just like ASPECT itself. The program has no dependencies except for the Qt development libraries that should be available as packages for most Linux distributions and can also be obtained for all major operating systems at

Example steps for installing the parameter-gui could look as follows:

  1. Download the program from dealii/parameter_gui.

  2. Prepare a Makefile by running cmake . in the source folder.

  3. Compile the program by running make.

  4. Make sure to set the environment variable PARAMETER_GUI_DIR to the directory that contains the parameter-GUI executable (optional). This will allow ASPECT to automatically enable the GUI during configuration.

Installing on macOS#

On a mac machine with recent macOS Sierra 10.12.4, Qt development libraries of version 4.x.x at the libraries’ official website may fail to install. Alternatively, you can install qt4 through Homebrew (also see instruction here cartr/homebrew-qt4)

brew tap cartr/qt4
brew tap-pin cartr/qt4
brew install qt@4

or install it through Mac Ports (

sudo port install qt4-mac

Then you can follow the Linux user instructions provided previously to download and install dealii parameter-GUI. Before running cmake ., you may need to either pass the path of qt4 and specify the value of variable QT_LIBRARIES to the directory that contains the libraries of qt4 or add those information into your .bash_profile. For example, for installation through Mac Ports, you can set the following into your .bash_profile

export PATH="$PATH:/opt/local/libexec/qt4"
export QT_LIBRARIES="/opt/local/libexec/qt4"